Teaching & Outreach

Courses Taught

CIVE  3413: Structural Analysis
  • Analysis of internal forces and deflections of structures subjected to static loading. Beams, trusses, and framed structures analyzed by appropriate classical methods. Classical methods and modern computer procedures for the analysis of statically indeterminate structures
CIVE 3513: Structural Steel Design 
  • Introduction to the design of structural steel members and connections in accordance with AISC specifications.
CIVE 5010: Reliability & Risk of Components and Systems 
  • This course presents the techniques and theories for probabilistic failure analysis of components and systems considering uncertainties in structural resistance and load effects. Reliability-based design and computer-simulation methods for reliability analysis are also covered. Quantitative risk assessment for engineering systems are also discuss

CIVE 5403: Advanced Strength of Materials
  • General states of stress and strain, theories of failure, energy principles, beam bending, shear center, torsion of prismatic shafts, beams on elastic foundations, plates and shells, elastic stability.
CIVE 5473: Steel Plastic Design
  • This graduate course covers the main LRFD Steel Design principles in addition to more advanced topics related to the plastic behavior and design of steel beams, frames, and plates. 
CIVE 5563: Structural Dynamics
  • Analysis of linear, elastic damped and undamped systems with single and multiple degrees of freedom undergoing free and forced vibration. Lumped and distributed mass systems. Computational techniques to numerically integrate the equations of motion.

Speaking and Outreach

Community involvement to increase the interest in STEM based professions.
Attendance  of conferences to spread and acquire knowledge.
  1. Group at ASCE Conference 2018
    Group at ASCE Conference 2018
    Dr. Soliman gave a presentation on Bridge Risk Assessment at the 2018 ASCE Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Pictured left to right: Christopher Waite, Leon Shen, Dr. Soliman, Omid Khandel, and Haider Ali
  2. Dr. Soliman at Westwood Elementary School
    Dr. Soliman at Westwood Elementary School
    Group of 4th grade students at Westwood Elementary enjoy a demonstration of earthquakes on buildings and bridges and how buildings respond to extreme load events.